How to fix Brother Printer drivers installation issues for Windows?

Are you facing any installation issues with the Brother Printer Drivers for Windows? Then check out the solutions in this article.

If you’re facing issues with the installation of Brother Printer Drivers for Windows like you must be trying to install the driver with the network settings but you can’t locate the network connected Brother Machine and thus couldn’t able to complete the driver installation.


Depending on the network you’re using- wireless or wired, for the Brother Printer. Follow the steps as listed below-

  1. You need to check on the network connection

  • Check whether the LAN cable, as well as the power cord of the Brother Machine, is connected.

Note- If the power cord gets connected to a surge protector or on the power switch then you need to remove the cord from the device and connect it directly to the outlet.

  • Look whether the Brother Printer and PC are connected to the peer-to-peer environment.
  • Check whether the link light of the router is ‘On’.
  1. Check on the IP Address of your network connection

Look whether the IP address of your PC and the Brother Printer are correct and locate the same segmentation in the following steps-

  1. Check the IP address of your PC


  • For Windows 10
  1. Select the ‘Start’ option from the taskbar.
  2. Click on the option ‘All apps’
  3. Select ‘Windows System’
  4. Choose ‘Command Prompt’.

Note- For installing Brother Printer Drivers for Windows 10, you need to look for the correct steps and follow it.

For Windows 8

  1. Select the ‘Start’ menu from the taskbar of Window.
  2. Click on ‘All apps’ option.
  3. Choose ‘Command Prompt’.

Note– You needs to download Brother Printer Drivers for Windows 8 for the uninterrupted working of both Printer and PC.

  • You need to type ‘C :\> ipconfig) and press ‘Enter’ button.
  • Look for the IP address and Subnet Mask.
  • Enter exit (C:\> exit)
  • Press ‘Enter’ to close Command Prompt.
  1. Check the IP address of your Brother Printer

The IP address can be determined through the Control Panel of Brother machine or by printing a Report Page which is called ‘User Settings’ list or ‘Network Configuration’ list if the Brother Printer was purchased Network Ready.

  1. Check whether both IP addresses of your PC as well as Brother Printer are correct and placed in the same segmentation.


  • Make sure all the points from A to C are applicable for both IP addresses of your PC as well as Brother Printer.
  1. The addresses are same as below-

PC IP address:

Brother Printer IP address:

  1. The end addresses are different and the address is within 2-254
  2. The addresses are unique among all connected devices on your network environment.
  1. Reboot the router or hub
  2. Check the Firewall Settings

It might be rejecting the necessary network connection if a Firewall on your PC is active. Try to reinstall the Drivers after disabling the Firewall on your PC.

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