How do I connect my Mobile Network with Brother Printer?

After the innovation of computers and printers, the task of scanning, printing, and photocopying has become much easier than ever expected. From a long list of printing brands, Brother Printers remained the first choice for personal or commercial uses. Regardless of the device you choose, you need to install a program to connect with the computer. For a computer, you need Brother Printer Drivers and for mobile, you need to install the iPrint&Scan app.

brother printer drivers

This is the greatest integration of the time that smartphones are taking over; the devices are becoming the necessity for every need. Moreover, Brother Printers support these services, which are becoming a common feature in other printers too. People are now opting to print without using computers but with their cell phones. Thankfully, technology has taken us so far that it has become possible.

If you too want to use this technologic advancement, then install the iPrint&Scan app on your android phone by the following process.

Install the iPrint&Scan app to connect your Android with Brother Printer

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone
  2. Search for the iPrint&Scan app
  3. Tap on the option as appears in the list
  4. Tap the install button, it will complete auto-download and install
  5. Open the app once installed
  6. Permit accesses to the app so it can
  7. Make sure your mobile and printer are connected with the same network

You are now ready to take prints using your Brother printer. You do not need to install Brother Printer Driver if you are using the phone. On the contrary, using the computer for printing uses will require Brother Printer Drivers depending on the model of the machine you have.

However, if you are facing problem while making a wireless connection with your phone and printer, follow the instruction below to complete the internet configuration.

Wireless connection with your Brother Printer and mobile device:

Connect your mobile device using the same wireless network currently connected to your Brother machine

  1. Power on your printer
  2. Press the Wi-Fi button/ icon on the screen
  3. Connect to the network you mobile is connected with
  4. configure your mobile device for a Wi-Fi connection and complete the settings

In case of an error, get in touch with customer support. Else, you can try printing using your PC. Prior to printing using your computer, you must install a Brother Printer driver and proceed.


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